SMOKE: Music of Marc Mellits

Whether you call it visceral or rockin’ the music of Chicago-based composer Marc Mellits is never less than smokin’ hot! NMD's first album, Smoke: Music of Marc Mellits, was released by Innova Recordings and is available everywhere: iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Innova, NMD Shop! Get your copy today!

New Music Detroit’s tribute to the Chicago-based composer comes together as a brilliant testament to the ensemble’s virtuosity and musicality as well as Mellits’ compositional prowess.
— Andy Jurik (
Smoke: Music of Marc Mellits excels in every way, from the recording and mixing to the first-rate playing.
— Nick Stevens (
Smoke creates the effect of meandering through a city of street performers and finding yourself captivated by the wide range of musical worlds.
— Gabriela Tedeschi (
If there’s a nagging voice in the back of your head telling you serious music shouldn’t also be fun, tell it to shut up and listen to Marc Mellits’s works on Smoke.
— John Sobel (


Marc Mellits and New Music Detroit Shred, Soothe, and Smolder on Their First Recorded Collaboration ~

“Smoke: Music of Marc Mellits is a collaboration between the man himself and the wildly talented New Music Detroit.”

ALBUM REVIEW: Marc Mellits’ ‘Smoke’ ft. New Music Detroit ~

“Smoke is a fascinating experiment in construction and integration, piecing together works with short, contrasting movements and diverse musical influences.”

Visceral, Gut-level Impact: New Music Detroit’s Smoke: Music of Marc Mellits ~

“Visceral, with its reference to deep feeling and gut-level impact, applies throughout.”

MUSIC REVIEW: New Music Detroit - ‘Smoke: Music of Marc Mellits’ ~

“If you're in a funk, New Music Detroit will smoke you out of it. Light(en) up!”



Here is a throw-back video to the first NMD commission and collaboration in 2009!

New Music Detroit has enjoyed a long and fruitful association with Mellits. That closeness becomes audible right away. The composer has a credit as a co-producer, alongside NMD saxophonist Erik Rönmark. Percussionist Ian Ding served as head producer, mixing engineer, and one of three recording engineers. He and his colleagues have created a seamless listening experience, effacing traces of space in favor of a tight focus on the instruments.
— Nick Stevens (icareifyoulisten)